What We Do

A one-stop shop for media services 

Change is constant.

Few sectors demonstrate that dynamic change virtually on a daily basis more so than media.

Traditional loyalties and the methods of media consumption, habits and platforms are in a state of constant change and even chassis.

Where to go? Who to trust? What to believe? These are just some of the challenges facing the chroniclers and consumers of today’s rapid and rampant information feed.

Print media still has a valid role to play, but if you are not online, you’re at nothing. Then there’s broadcasting, radio and TV, streaming, downloading and the new doyens among the Instagram influencers, the Twitterati commentators and the Facebook warriors, or is that worriers?

The modern media landscape can be a minefield and that’s even before the mind games of social media come in to play.

The experiences of the past year have merely served to accelerate, amplify and perhaps exacerbate this process. One thing is for sure, there is no going back and no one has yet figured out the so called ‘new normal’.

Out of the morass of this media marshland in which it is so easy to get swamped comes the helping hand of Communicate Ireland to assist and support you in navigating and making the most of this expansive and exciting media landscape and all the opportunities it affords.

Some people find it daunting and even excruciatingly difficult to sit down and write a press release. The thoughts of it alone can be inhibiting and debilitating.

Fret not. Press releases and speeches are our bread and butter. They come as second nature to us here at Communicate Ireland. We can help you, prepare you and help you to prepare. To hone your message and to communicate it properly, pitch perfect and perfectly pitched to maximise its potential and audience reach.

To do so we can write you up and put you in the right direction.

Along with a team of other professionals we can ensure you get to present yourself, your product and your message to the best potential; to get you access to your target audience and to amplify your communication so that it leads to action and results

Words matter and words in the right order are central to what we do. However, in today’s challenging and complex media environment it takes more than words to work.

Avoid going down blind alleys, look beyond the logo, learn from previous experiences and choose your media communications partner well.

By choosing Communicate Ireland you open up the door to a world of possibilities and opportunities as well as direct contact with the best designers, website programmers and builders, and photographers.

This is crucial to your success and the cost effective campaign that you require. There are many talented and skilled people out there working in this space, but one size does not suit all, not all photographers are the same. It is a case of different strokes for different folks; horses for courses.

So make sure you’re on a winner and don’t be wasting your time and money, as that’s a beaten docket.

Our Services:

  • Public relations advice and campaigns
  • Press Releases
  • Brochures, programmes, catalogues
  • Media campaigns and strategies
  • Social media audits and strategies
  • Copy writing for print and online
  • Content Creation for multiple platforms
  • Event Management and Launches
  • Internal & External Communications
  • Crisis Management and Intervention
  • Strategic Advice & Advocacy
  • Speech Writing
  • Public Engagement
  • Reputation, relationship and profile building

We are completely committed and hands on, so as to deliver a selective, bespoke and personalised service to each of our clients