The Freedom To Dream

Communicate Ireland prioritises finding new and innovative ways to deliver messages to fulfil the ambitions and dreams of our clients. Our central ethos is a positive one of team building.
We believe in developing processes which:

  • Unlock potential
  • Nourish creativity
  • Recognizes and values imagination
  • Develop innovative ways of doing things
  • Builds confidence in people and organisations

We will facilitate the freedom to dream, and provide the practical roadmap to secure positive conclusions to those dreams.
Ireland is a country filled with creative original people.
Our ambition is to ensure such qualities are recognised, valued and fulfilled.

Telling Your Story

If you are in business, or politics, a community leader or a community, just because you have a message doesn’t always mean it will be heard. Our job is to reveal and sell your strengths in print, broadcast and on digital & social media. Communicate Ireland will make sure that in a busy and complex world your concept or product stands out. That is how companies and ideas grow. If you have a success story or an idea don’t hide your light under a bushel. Communicate Ireland has the experience, the will and the story telling capacity to bring your ideas to life. We will ensure an effective and cost effective campaign will realise your objectives. This will be done with passion, discipline and knowledge.

Media Training

The media are a force that, if harnessed properly, can be the key to success. Our job is to provide the training which will develop your confidence, expertise and contacts. Our training is practical and ‘hands on’, including simulated media interviews.

We aim to develop your strengths and develop your capacity to:

  • Build relationships with the media
  • Strategise to achieve the results you want
  • Ensure you are fully & efficiently prepared to face media interviews
  • Understand what it is media actually wants
  • Develop your capacity for press release writing

The Communicate Ireland Writing Experience

Our experience in the media means that we are the correct choice to get your case across. We provide clients with access to the local and national print, radio, television and digital media.

Our disciplines include:

  • News features
  • Incisive interviews
  • Business and issue centred profiles
  • Reviews and analysis pieces
  • Copywriting services

If you need the perfect photograph to complete the package we can provide you with the services of an award winning photographer.

About More than Press Releases

Some PR companies believe their job is done once they issue a press release. We believe this is only the start of our work.

We pledge that any press communications we do, follow this process:

  • Pre-seeding where possible to create an appetite for the issue
  • Targeting of journalists with expertise and interest in your story
  • A tailored lobbying campaign
  • Ongoing media engagement
  • Post campaign verification of effectiveness

A press release on its own is just words.
We believe quill-power also needs will-power if we are to get real results for our partners and clients.

We Do Reports

The best ideas will fail to convince if they are not expertly marshalled.

Communicate Ireland provides tailored solutions in the areas of:

  • Targeted Research
  • Planning and Structure
  • Writing and Editing
  • Maximising content
  • Executive summaries
  • Digital presentations
  • Graphic design
  • Printing

Our service will also be accompanied by a targeted media plan to ensure your report secures the exposure it merits.
Your success is our ambition.

Advocacy: We build campaigns

The central role of advocacy is to build public awareness and sympathy for issues. Our vast experience in politics and within the media means we are uniquely qualified to build successful campaigns.

Our first task is to listen to you.

From there we:

  • Diagnose
  • Organise
  • Explain
  • Innovate
  • Publicise

The successful campaign identifies opportunity, foresees problems and creates allies. We have the capacity to build winning campaigns over a wide range of community and business issues.

Crisis Management

We love a crisis but you certainly don’t.
But, there again that is why we exist.
To solve your crises we will bring fresh and independent eyes to the most intractable of dilemmas.
Successful problem solvers identify opportunity, foresee danger and secure allies.
In times of crisis when you need us Communicate Ireland will be there on a 24-7 basis.
Solutions for you represent success for us.
Strategy, discipline and innovation are our methodologies.

We won't stop until you achieve this.

Event Management

We have extensive experience in event management. We will tailor a cross platform launch which will maximise local and national media coverage as well as in online and social media.

Our areas of expertise and practice include:

  • Think-ins
  • Conferences
  • Launches
  • Community events & festivals
  • Media events and press briefings
  • Social media campaigns

Public Speaking

One of the most nerve-wracking experiences for any individual is the public speech.
We have the expertise to ensure that your speech will never be forgotten ... for all the right reasons.
We will ensure that you avoid the most common traps in all speech-making.
This will include over-reliance on clichés, the excess of data that kills the enthusiasm of the listener or speeches that have an incoherent message ... or no message at all.
We will provide a bespoke product that sees you articulate the real you.

Our Commitment To Rural Ireland

Communicate Ireland is a different PR company in that one of our core values is to prioritise and serve the interests of rural communities.
Big government and state agencies find it hard to listen to citisens or communities.
Our role is to challenge and change that and provide rural communities with a voice that will ensure rural Ireland and the regions are heard in Dublin.

Creating A Voice For Citizens

The world of government and bureaucracy can be complex. The role of Communicate Ireland is to be a pathfinder. We build solutions. Communicate Ireland will be your potent advocate & champion your cause. We understand how government works. We have the contacts and the knowledge to help you navigate government departments and state bodies. We enjoy this work. We are good at it. We look forward to working with you…