What We Offer

These are our building blocks to secure real, quantifiable results for you

Contact us here for a Consultation:

This is an entry level consultation and it could save you a fortune. How many times have people gone barking up the wrong tree, down the wrong road or just hired the wrong photographer or printer? Save yourself a lot of time, hassle and money in this 90 minute one-to-one consultation to consider your needs and come up with cost effective solutions. The best time and best value you’ll ever get for your media campaign and strategy.

Press Release Package:

Under pressure? Left this on the long finger? Running out of time? Never fear, Johnny’s here. This express press release service includes a 90 minute interview/consultation. It’s like going to a really good dentist. you won’t feel a thing and you will feel so much better to have it all sorted. This service incorporates the drafting, proofing and issuing of your press release (or presser) as those of us in the business like to bandy about, all in 24 hours. 

Media Strategy and Workshop:

The workshop really works if you know what you want, but you’re not really sure what you want. You know that feeling, don’t you? We will set aside a day of our lives to help you figure it out, sort it out and then we’ll go and do it.

This workshop is designed as an efficient and effective way, up against a tight deadline to discuss and determine the content of your press release or speech, to draft, proof and sign-off on it, so that it can be issued and delivered all within 24 hours.  No hanging about, no hang ups, no hangovers. 

Consultation. Deliberation. Circulation and Celebration, all in one day.